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ஏழு வருடங்களுக்கு முன்னால் செமினார்ஒன்றில்பேசியது

Total Quality Management
State Level Seminar on "Global Challenges in Higher Education "—11 & 12b March 2005 at South Travancore Hindu College, Nagercoil.
Respected Syndicate member and my dear learned Colleagues
I consider it a rare opportunity and honour to stand amidst the college teachers who mould the students into an excellent shape. Let me share my views with you on total quality management which you  all know well.

The quality of students depends upon their quality of education which again depends upon the quality of teachers. We, the teachers are here to know and discuss about education, which should be worth for the students of the modern era.

The students of the educational institutions are our real customers.They get the fruit of education after paying to the institutions. We including the parents of the students and the management of the educational institutions are interested in fulfilling the needs of the students.

What do the students wish to have ? To cater the needs of the student community what we teachers are going to do ? What should be done for the higher education ?

 Now the higher education that has been under pressure and which changes globally is competitive and is facing different challenges globally.To be competitive at global level we need a change in higher education that should be attractive, excellent and effective. We have to think of elevating the quality of education to an excellent state.

Total Quality Management (TQM) is customer oriented management philosophy. As for as we the teachers are concerned, it is centred as quality so as to achieve the object of the students' delight through systematic efforts for improvement of the educational institution.

Total Quality Management is to be moved with an expectation of education with grade, dignity and decorum, which maintain high standards of discipline. The activities of the management which determine the quality,policy, objectives and responsibilities and to implement them by means such as quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement within the quality system.

The quality assurance may be described as systematic, structured and continuos attention to quality in terms of quality maintanace maintenanceand improvement. All the planned and systematic activities implemented within the quality system will fulfill the requirements for quality. The quality improvement may be of improving quality of teaching, research and other activities.

The tools and instruments of Qualty Assesment are evaluation as professional judgement ,self evaluation, the review by academic expert, certification process like NAAC (National Accreditaion and Assessment Council).

The assessment helps the colleges to know their strength and weaknesses that has enhanced both faculty and the management to march towards academic excellence. UGC plays an important in supporting the institution of excellence accredited through various assessments.

Total Quality Management in Higher Education is the system that should have the ability to satisfy the needs of the students who must get recognition in their carreer. Total Quality Management has an important role in any organization to make them shine well.

Before concluding, I want to mention Dr.B.K.Krishna Vanavarayar's words. " We are living in a fast changing world. We have to change with the times or else run the risk of being left isolation. It is time for us to perform miracles by adhering to the new value systems of other countries- we have to develop the national pride of USA, the work culture of Japan, the hard work culture of Korea, the discipline of China and the quality consciousness of Germany. If we do this, we are fully global".
Thank you.

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